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We work with corporate business, community and government partners to co-design training solutions that meet their unique needs. From internal training and capability development, to partnering on global initiatives to end family and intimate partner violence.

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YSL Beauty, Abuse Is Not Love

About the initiative:

  • Global initiative by YSL Beauty to prevent intimate partner violence.
  • The aim of the initiative is to, by 2030, educate 2 million people globally, on the warning signs of abuse.
  • The initiative partners with a registered not for profit in each participating country.
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How it’s going:

  • Developed a bespoke training to educate youth (15-26 years) about intimate partner violence, the signs, and how to respond to a disclosure.
  • Delivered our flagship family violence training to YSL Beauty makeup artists and internal employees.
  • Have trained over 1000 people since the partnership kicked off
  • Plan to train up to 4000 more people as part of the initiative
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About the initiative:

  • Have been the primary family violence training provider to Yarra Valley Water since 2016
  • Developed customised training modules for different teams including:
  1. Customer service team training
  2. Family Violence Peer Support Program (for employees)
  3. Family Violence Management training

Evaluations indicate there is increased staff confidence in identifying signs of family violence and responding to concerns, for example asking customers if someone is using their account in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, checking in on a customer after asking for extensions on their bill due to personal reasons.

case study three: department of education and training

We collaborated with the Department of Education and Training (DET) to create and implement various training programs aimed at preventing and responding to family violence within school settings.

About the initiative:

  • Co-facilitating DET’s “Responding to Disclosures” training for school involved in the Respectful Relationships program.
  • Developing and conducting Disclosure Coordinator training to enhance the capacity of designated school personnel in supporting students and families affected by family violence.
  • Implementing our Young Leaders for Gender Equality and Respect student voice program, reaching 46 students from 11 schools in the Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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